What is this About?

To be a Doula is to support and advocate for women, their families, and empowered birth.
For me, like life itself, being a doula is an ongoing process. As I collect birth-related resources and information I will share them here, along with more personal musings about life in general, parenting, and herbal medicine.

Transparency: I am a new mom and online business owner whose partner works outside the home so I can stay with our son. We’re less than a year into being new parents. We use cloth diapers, are breastfeeding exclusively (for now), and live in a studio apartment in metro DC. None of these facts matter when it comes to attending laboring and postpartum women, but may shed light on my perspectives.

On Privacy: A wise woman once said, ‘What happens in birth stays in birth’.
I choose to share my own stories in gratitude to those women who have encouraged me with their experiences over the years. Any information written here is either my own or shared with permission AND by request.

One thought on “What is this About?

  1. Hello, I really enjoyed reading your story and your experiences. Your page is simple and well designed and informative. There is only one thing I would like to add if you allow me and that is the protection of whom de decitions will be taken in writing in case something happens to either one. I am a postpartum
    Doula, working toward my certification and I work in the financial industry during the day, is a family business I run with my kids. There I found the necessity to be prepared for the unexpected and to have everything ready in writing of any decision before, during and after the birth. A will, a testament it is an important document that everyone should have it ready.

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